reviews for people trying to start a dog walking or sitting business from home Reviews for Dog Sitters and Walkers

If you’re thinking about making extra money, you may have considered walking dogs or doing some pet sitting as a viable option and you would be 100% correct. To expedite this process, you could start by heading over to and signing up to do just that.

become a dog walker or dog sitterBut before you do that, you would benefit your short and long term prospects by reading my review. This is because as a long time customer and insider as to how Rover’s daily process works for its dog sitters will be undeniably useful to you.

For instance, did you know that many sitters have gone from having a budding and booming home dog sitting business to almost zero customers, overnight? It’s because they pissed off somehow and whatever millennial social justice warrior working the customer support at Rover just decided to simply drop them all the way to the 3rd page of the Rover search results for dog sitters and walkers on their website or app, all without notice, all without any warning or getting the sitter’s feedback on any outstanding issue. as a company is a bastard that attempts to portray itself as a simple and dog-friendly organization, while they send out teams of lawyers to your home town in attempt to change laws or create new ones to put existing home dog sitting businesses, out of business. How do you think they’re ultimately going to treat you for the long haul?

How to become a dog walker or sitter

All you really need is a love of dogs and some free time to spend showing them attention and love, taking them to do their business outside, and feeding them while their owners are away. It usually starts by letting people know this is something you do, which can be achieved by sharing some fliers around town or signing up with an online dog sitting service, or simply creating your own website and being found on Google.

The key to long term success is impressing your existing customers and showing them that you are a great resource for them. Then, customers will find excuses to use your services. Dog walking also has health benefits for you, getting to go outdoors and exercise while making money and maybe even making some new friends.

It will be very important for you to learn how to get customers, the best customers, without being solely reliant on a site like

Why & How to start your own doggy daycare